Hi Dara,

What I'd really like to do is get proper meridional and depth as well as zonal parameters for the Pacific warm pool. Iirc full depth profile data files (nodc files I think) for pressure, temperature, salinity and current direction from TAO/Triton/Argo were about 30MB each, anyway I decided too big for me to dowload the daily numbers I wanted.

I think mean sea level satellite data would be needed to check the warm water volume (WWV) index.

If the warm water pools 'shoals' (I think that's like waves running onto or off beach, I don't know which) eastwards depressing the 20C thermocline the I'd like to see the numbers for deep water current direction in west, central and east Pacific.

In the [Ekman layer](http://www.es.flinders.edu.au/~mattom/ShelfCoast/chapter03.html) over deep water model the frictional and geostrophically-induced 45 degree net ocean surface current direction to the right of the wind in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere.

This would imply that westerly winds diverge away from the equator but easterlies converge contrary to the ITCZ I mentioned.

But at depth currents can flow in the opposite direction to the surface current. I've dived through very sharp vertical thermoclines round the Similan islands in the IO (maybe ~4 degrees). Are deep water current direction reversals worth looking at?

How's your data archive?