Hello Nathan

>I hope you realize how offsenive this is to make such sweeping statements about an entire scientific community.

No they are not!

My comment is quite valid for this particular field specially in USA and Canada. It is not offensive, why criticizing scientists are offensive but they could criticize anyone else at whim! There has be two way critics, not always from scientist to the rest of the world and the other way around is blocked. We demand transparency from governments but we are tabooed to ask that from scientists? Why? They need to be held accountable by the public.

>I thought there wasn’t any honest research in this field?

We are no longer schoolboys. Those Canadian scientists are marred for life and I do not appreciate you mockingly mention their demise in such sarcastic remark.

My feelings towards John's research has always been as such, in private when I emailed him and in public, I am not going to change them to please you.

> John is not the only good scientist in the world.

He is amongst the rare few, most of them are gone, I mentioned their names in another post. You do not believe that, fine that is your judgement, my judgement for almost 20 years is that he is.

Let me explain to you so you understand: When most theoretical physicists running around getting huge grants for nonsensical research and kowtowing to military and many other organizations for money, John was the first and only scientist that started publishing his work without copyrights, and millions of students myself one, we loved what he did and he did us great favor and provided for us ability to learn new theories out of the reach of most of us in USA or abroad. I saw physics student washing dishes to pay for their tuition and could not afford fancy expensive books, but we could always go to John's site and download all what we needed for free.

We all feel indebted to him, I mentioned John's name to a Ukrainian physicist last month trying to get him to come here, and his face lit up immediately. My feelings towards him are shared by many. If you do not accept that, that is your loss.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, JOHN GAVE US HOPE TO CONTINUE AS INDEPENDENT RESEARCHERS TO THINK FREE AND TO PUBLISH while his counterparts in academia drove most of us kids into depression and despair and many of us dropped out.

I could easily brand him as the founding father of OPEN SCIENCE i.e. science without copyrights! While everyone else ran after fame and fortune, he would answer every email and he would freely publish in as many areas in theoretical sciences as he could afford.

My feelings are my feelings, yours are yours, I have as much freedom to express myself here as you are, if John feels these are inappropriate comments he could remove me from the list, but you and I enjoy the same freedoms here.