> No they are not!

It is not for you to judge what is offensive to someone else.

> My comment is quite valid for this particular field specially in USA and Canada.

In fact, it is not even remotely true of the motivations or incentive structures of scientists working in either of those countries, of which I am one, and know many others.

> We demand transparency from governments but we are tabooed to ask that from scientists? Why? They need to be held accountable by the public.

Your statements were not about transparency or accountability, but rather unsupported sweeping accusations of scientific bias and status-seeking.

> Those Canadian scientists are marred for life and I do not appreciate you mockingly mention their demise in such a sarcastic remark.

I am trying to understand how you can, on the one hand, speak of honest Canadian climate scientists, and then on the other hand, disarpage the entire community to which they belong. I think if you reflected on this, you would realize that the scientists and the politics are not the same.

As for John, he was an early mentor to me as well, and you of course are welcome to your feelings, but he is neither the first nor the only researcher to publish or suppport open science.