Hello David:

>Do you therefore distrust any findings of climate researchers on the relationships between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and planetary warming levels?

I actually do not know, unless I see some serious code running on actual data to study in details and find the correlations through actual review-able code in great details. I posted the Vostok CO2 bubble data and it could contradict such findings it could also contradict fossil fuel being the source of the warming!

This is called Consensual Science, if enough number of people state a statement it becomes a defacto scientific fact, I posted a major misunderstanding amongst the top scholars on eye absorption of sun light and you can see that under the same title. The reason I posted that to warn that we are all falling into that trap.

As far as John, this is how I feel about who he is what he wrote and what has accomplished and his generous spirit, and needs no clarification on my side but 1000s of others are indeed seeing him under the same light.

If you and others feel otherwise, as Nad said you have your opinions and critics and I have mine, I do not see the point in arguing. And it is not that as if I selected one guy and bashed him and insulted him!

I said nice things about John, people could turn around and add something better to it, or stay silent.