>See the curious phenomenon of the automatically synchronizing metronomes.

haha great haven't seen this yet. But since this is a nonlinear dynamics lab, I wanted to make sure that there is no forcing automatism
behind the synchronization. Unfortunately even in this
the table is not shown in full, so it is not clear wether the strings, which hold the table pull or not.

Moreover goggle translate sounds too cryptic for getting information out of the text next to the videos:




+++++ result of google tranlate:

>When you put on top of the table to move multiple metronome move the metronome, and eventually all of the metronome is known to engrave the sound in sync with the same timing

>When you move the metronome is placed on a table that moves multiple metronome, we eventually all of the metronome is known to engrave the sound at the same timing and synchronization.

>In Ikeguchi laboratory, to create an experimental device, such as die move by hanging a stand to put the metronome from the left and right, and gave a synchronization experiment. 32 metronome ticks sound at the same time in this video.

where interestingly the first two sentences seem to be the same (at least thats what I found by quickly parsing) but the translate is different.
Is there a google translate synchronizer? :)