Who wrote that "all concepts are left Kan extensions"?

Nad wrote:

> I don't see a conceptional difference between ologs and rdf

but I'd like to know what useful categorical formulations of them might be.
I followed the IEEE standard upper ontology working group lead by John Sowa (author of the classic 'Knowledge Representation') which concluded that no such thing was possible (only intermediate ontologies). When the contributions started discussing Heidegger's 'becoming' I think I got an idea of the limits of any possible standard.

When I was building a Rational Rose model for one of the global electronics corporations I read up on anything UML and concluded that the ontology movement happened because Boing had some spare cash to spend on their engineering drawings library (and 'Standard English' became SQL).

Fwiw, one of my favourite quotes goes something like "what differentiates the worst of architects from the best of bees is that men (sic) raise buildings in their imagination before they raise them in reality".

Do some people still think that you can construct an ontology except via some epistemology? (sorry if this is OT but philosophical assumptions need to be made explicit).