This is an annotated comparison where I flood-filled the regions that diverge.


Only a few regions stand out as raising concerns. The 1982-1985 interval has a lot going on -- not only was it a very significant El Nino, but the El Chichon volcano erupted in 1982 (and the TSI showed a natural break in behavior around 1980). Could the blanket cooling of El Chichon impact the equatorial Pacific atmospheric pressure that much?


At another blog, a mysterious effort is underway to model 10Be levels in paleo proxy data. [They claim]( that a simple orbital resonance is responsible for the long-term quasi-oscillations. The fit is impressive but are withholding further explanation because they have IP=Intellectual Property concerns. I am not making that up!


The indications are that only a few oscillating factors are involved. The claim is that these are enough to impact the solar wind and the magnetic properties of the 10Be material that Steinhilber et al first analyzed