>Because he's not a member of Azimuth; he's just a guy I asked to write a blog post.

>It might theoretically make sense to require everyone to read comments on their blog posts here on the Azimuth Forum before posting them to the blog, but I'm not sure I want to demand it.

Do you tell people about the Forum?

>More importantly, I'd like comments on blog posts here on the Forum to focus on improving those posts, getting them ready for the blog.

Yes thats what I thought the forum is for - an opportunity to get feedback on the posts.

>Discussions of more general interest are best held on the blog, which has ∼10−100 times as many readers.

My comment was not really meant as being "of general interest" that is I'd rather suggested more to implement more elaborations (which are not too technical though) on the fundamental concepts mentioned in there:

> am sorry I don't see a conceptional difference between ologs and rdf - but then I don't understand all the categorical technicalities (and frankly I don't really want to)

and suggested to mention more concretizations:

> I haven't though really understood by your post how exactly this formalism might eventually enhance human understanding,

I have currently not the time to further pursue this discussion so I won't repost my comment above on the blog. Maybe I do so later. There will be more parts, as I understood. A couple of years ago I had a student project and even wrote a short article about certain Big Data applications. That was in particular intended to get at least part of the big Big Data Crowd away from surveillance, "human filtering" (filter out humans because they are medical less fit) etc. You were actually thinking that there should be a blog article about it.

>Over on the n-Category Café and n-Forum, something rather sad has happened: namely, the two have largely split, with some people mainly reading one and some mainly reading the other. This is partially due to personality conflicts between the n-Category Café team, but also because some people are more interested in doing serious work on the nLab (the wiki), and they tend to talk on the n-Forum.

I didn't even notice that there exists a n-forum or may be I knew and forgot. It is not even linked from the n-cat cafe page if I haven't overseen something.

Anyways I don't read most of the n-cat posts, because I find them too technical. The n-forum unfortunately seems to go even more into that direction. By the way it might be that I soon will find even less time for reading and discussing the climate issues here, because of job and other reasons. With Tim's help I just made a new visualization though, which shows that I am still quite torn about that engagement. I just have that very bad feeling about that methane thing.