Maybe I put my point in too technical a way for easy comprehension... though of course everyone here is super-smart.

Here's the simplified version. The reason this piece of work is original is also the reason a lot of people will dismiss it. Paul is using some data from 1953-2015 and a simple model to retrodict a climate cycle back to 1880 - a climate cycle we don't have records for. Then he's using this and another simple model to retrodict a climate cycle we _do_ have records for. One can argue endlessly about the validity of the first step, but it's only justified by the results of the second step.

It's an interesting situation.

One thing Paul should do right now is use his model to predict the QBO and SOI for the next decade, and put his predictions someplace online where he can't change them.

(For example, I could put them on my website - but that'll work only for people who know that I'm not in cahoots with Paul. Or, he could put a paper on the arXiv. The paper can be changed, but the original version is time-stamped and will never go away.)