In [](, what's the "log_model" mean in the Table? I would guess this is some kind of log of likelihood, but is there documentation of the specific definition? Also, do I understand correctly that the modeling involves assessing components using Fourier transforms to obtain spectral components? Are these windowed and do the windows slide? Windowing is needed to suppress aliasing. Sliding windows are typically used when spectra are non-stationary. Is there a justification for believing the spectra are stationary? What are the number of taps used in the transform? In the figure just above, when "Validation" is mentioned, what's that mean, precisely? I assume that's a hold-out validation, but how many folds were used? One? More?

Just trying to understand what these figures could mean? Are they simply comparisons of various climate-derived measures and series against one another? Are there any structural elements in these models, e.g., physics of oceans?