Re Medium article, interesting and trippy. I too was in that vicinity, and went through "Checkpoint Charlie" in 1963, well before the wall was falling (there was a periphery of 100 yards of shattered buildings and plenty of tense guards with submachine guns), and yes, I had a copy of Kerouac's "On the Road" in my backpack.

Yesterday on C-SPAN I saw USA presidential candidate Marco Rubio talking about the great virtues of the "On Demand" economy, as he cited the time his refrigerator broke during a heat wave and he could not quickly get a repair technician scheduled to fix it. He wants to see a giant online supply and demand matrix for a vast army of specialized independent contractors who can quickly bid on projects like his refrigerator.

And I am certainly interested in "global matrix" concepts -- and earlier this year built a project called "The Global Matrix", which morphed into a web-based collaborative outline process. Right now, this thing is a vastly ambitious study in interdisciplinary/cross-sector integration, and still fairly fuzzy, but it's inching along and it helps the little pooh-brain deal with the vast dimensionality of global holism. It's a multi-project framework, and here's one sector that seems to be emerging as central: