Another interesting quote about Richard Lindzen and his climate science theories:

> The Weekly Standard devotes the first page of its piece to establishing how smart Lindzen is – and he certainly is a smart man, but as climate scientist Ray Pierrehumbert put it,

>> "It's okay to be wrong, and [Lindzen] is a smart person, but most people don't really understand that one way of using your intelligence is to spin ever more clever ways of deceiving yourself, ever more clever ways of being wrong. And that's okay because if you are wrong in an interesting way that advances the science, I think it's great to be wrong, and he has made a career of being wrong in interesting ways about climate science."

> Make no mistake about it; Lindzen has made a career of being wrong about climate science.

[This is the video of the lecture](

Note how emphatic Pierrehumbert is in saying that Lindzen has been wrong:


and this one ![Lindzen1](

Reminds me of college where some professors write big X's across student's exam results if they get it wrong.

I may have to do something similar with Lindzen's QBO theory.