John, your points about Azimuth strategy are all well taken, and helpful in clarifying the goals of the project.

> But for now I want to focus on doing actual work rather than writing manifestos.

This is also a useful point.

Nevertheless, I do see a value in being able to clearly articulate a brief public statement about the purpose and contents of the Azimuth project. I *know* there are many, many more people who would be actively interested in Azimuth, if they only knew about it and understood the basic idea.

Here is the brief public statement that I have come up with, and which will work for me at cocktail parties, etc:

> Azimuth is an open, informal collaboration of mathematicians, scientists, programmers, and fellow travelers, working to understand environmental problems and the surrounding topics in math, science, and computing. Anyone with an *interest* in these topics is welcomed.