I am not going to make any more comments on this thread and so go to the following for further ENSO and QBO discussion:


As a parting comment, I've been getting trackbacks on my blog from other blogs that Per Strandberg has been contributing to. All I can say is that people such as Per and others that are trying to model ENSO are pushing an agenda. They claim that they are doing science but are clearly using that as a smokescreen to promote their ideas pro-Brexit, anti-Clinton, anti-AGW, and anti-renewables.

I keep getting trackbacks with comments on how rude I am. Suffice to say that these people are paranoid in the extreme. The commentary is delusional on a Trump level -- here is an example:

>"So far as I understand wuwt & ce exist to help one or a few individual elites protect their financial investments from political change (by having a small crew of agents apply crude tools like harassment to herd readers onto an oversimplified lukewarm path)."

Apparently there are "agents" and "elites" out there that are infiltrating AGW denier blogs such as WUWT and Climate Etc trying to make them less denialist. ... what?
I found pages of these comments, warning about "dark agents from California" working to subvert society.