Jim said:
> "There is no need to respiel ie. mention emeritus nonsense to neophytes; it will divert their attention. I say stick to what you've done that's new!"

Thanks. The significance is that Lindzen is the developer of the foundational model for QBO. This was done well before he became emeritus. Not that I can't defend the new model on its own terms, but I doubt anyone will stick up for Lindzen at the conference now that he has become a pariah of AGW researchers.

There is this concept of "normalizing viewpoints" that is quite common in political journalism, whereby someone like Trump is given equal weighting to a much more qualified Clinton. That's actually counterproductive to convincing others of the objective truth and I think it applies to science as well. The last thing I want to do is normalize the views of Lindzen, but instead intend to completely marginalize whatever work that he has done -- by asserting that he went down a completely wrong path. But I only have 15 minutes for the entire presentation so I have to dismiss his prior work quickly. I do it in the abstract in a single sentence so will probably go that route instead of using the cartoon above.