Finally catching up to today, 13 December 2016:

1) Kenny Courser's paper [A bicategory of decorated cospans]( was accepted by _Theory and Applications of Categories_!

The referee wants him to say more about examples. That makes a lot of sense. I'd also like to deal with this issue: in our favorite examples, the 2-morphisms in Kenny's bicategory are a bit too restrictive.

For example, in the bicategory of cospans of finite sets where the apex is decorated by a graph, the 2-morphism do not allow arbitrary graph morphisms, only those that are "cocartesian lifts" of maps between finite sets.

2) On December 14th, Brendan is giving a talk called "All hypergraph categories are decorated corelation categories" at Macquarie University in Australia.

Brendan: make sure to say hi to Ross Street and my old friend James Dolan!

3) At Berkeley, it became clear that the stuff we do fits into "theoretical computer science", which is a very broad subject by now.

All of us were invited to submit papers to [CALCO 2017](, a conference on algebra and coalgebra in computer science. Daniel reminded me of this, saying:

> Actually, a few of the gang could probably submit, since their interests include:

> * String Diagrams and Network Theory

> - Combinatorial approaches

> - Theory of PROPs and operads

> - Rewriting problems and higher-dimensional approaches

> - Automated reasoning with string diagrams

> - Applications of string diagrams

> - Connections with Control Theory, Engineering and Concurrency

So, think of submitting papers here! Daniel has a plan to do this.