>note that within the past year we have had a perigee of the moon with the closest distance to the earth simultaneous with a very full moon since 1948 (i.e. the most super of the supermoons)

the supermoon happened more or less after the strange QBO pattern started. That is the strange
pattern is this dog shaped head looking to the left, where the nose is at the beginning of 2016.


The supermoon was in November 2016 i.e. at the end of 2016

>I find it odd to talk about strange behavior in QBO considering that I still haven't seen a valid physical model of QBO that explains the periodic behavior from 1953 on up. Unless you want to believe in the AGW denier Lindzen's QBO model -- but that model can't even predict the period!

Actually I find measurements often way more trustworthy than models. But sure its bad that we have here not more comparable measurements to look at, that holds by the way also for the sun radiation measurements. I find it quite a scandal that there are so few of those essential environmental measurements. We fly on this earth basically with all instruments turned off. And if I believe the current concerns regarding the US climate science politics we are soon on an almost complete blind flight.

As already said I haven't sofar understood those QBO models, including your model, but since Lindzen spoke about lunar forcing I could imagine that it is somewhere indirectly included.

>Note that this was based on training data from 1953 to 1985 against the major lunar tidal periods

By the way if you know a visualization where one could have a look on the path of the moon as projected down to earth let me know. I would also be interesting to hear from you if you are being
paid by BAE Systems for your QBO research.