The Azimuth Backup Project has a member that works for Google: Scott Maxwell. He's considered talking to the big bosses of Google and seeing if they'd be interested in backing up climate data... but apparently they are not so easy to talk to, for fairly obvious reasons.

Luckily I seem to have persuaded the head of Computing and Communications at my own university, the University of California at Riverside, to permanently store the data we are backing up.

I believe the usual Google caches of websites are not sufficient to save the data we're talking about.

I'd be happy for someone to study this. If you go to this important National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration database:


click on the variable WaterTemp and "Get Binary", you'll get a file of data. The Internet Archive has backed up this webpage:


but when you click on the variable WaterTemp and "Get Binary", you get an error message. All the data is missing! And when I search for this website on the End of Term Web Archive:


I get nothing at all. If I go to the Google cache:


I _do_ get the data. But:

1) is the data coming from the cache or the original site?

2) if the original site is deleted or changed, how long will the cache last?

Of course Google could take action to save the caches. But for that we would need someone to persuade them to do so.