I do not know what to say. I was thinking about David today, about his nobility in his contribution, and thinking that, after joking with Sakari of the Azimuth Backup Project, that we might get together in London, whether this might be the opportunity for a larger group to get together, including David.

This is hard. I'm stunned. I've had this situation a number of times before, although I did not know David Tweed well. A girl in high school ... A boy I knew in elementary school ... As an adult, a woman graduate student at Cornell who worked on a project with Akamai and my department. A lad I mentored when he was in high school who chose to leave when he was still an apparently successful sophomore engineering student in college. A colleague when I worked at Cornell.

I know a little about depression, but I am very lucky that I have never had it that badly. But it can be terrible.

I don't know what to say. I know it must be hard on John.

This will take time, but I think it only appropriate that we memorialize David in some way, down the road.