Andrius wrote:

> Personally, I think it would be nice if you focused on your talents as a math visionary and educator rather than do too much organizing drudge work.

That's actually what I'd enjoy most. Unfortunately Trump is preventing it. I can no longer expect _other people_ to do things like save precious climate change data. This is not a moment in American history when responsible people can do what we enjoy, or what we're best at. We have to face some very grim challenges.

Since I'm fairly well-known among science lovers on the internet, I was able to rapidly gather a team of volunteers to back up this climate data, get $20,000 in donations, and get a number of institutions interested in holding this data over the longer term. It turns out I was rather uniquely placed to accomplish this, just because I've blogged about science and climate change. So I had to do it.

> Still, for me it would be nice to see more activity and interaction and less structure.

I wasn't eager to start a nonprofit. But since we are unlikely to spend $20,000 in one year unless we foolishly waste it, I need to, to prevent 1/3 of it from going to taxes.

I'm still thinking a lot about math - but mainly with my grad students, whom I meet for 5 hours each week and a 1.5-hour lecture. I found that this is more productive than talking about math here on the Forum. That's sort of sad, and it took me a few years to accept it, but it's true. Grad students can be forced to write lots of papers!