Retired atmospheric sciences professor Judith Curry has a discussion paper out called "Climate Models for the Layman" written for Trump followers apparently:

The paper is essentially Curry whining that climate science is too difficult, instead of getting to work and figuring out the physics and math, like the rest of us try to do.

The GWPF is the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which is one of those misnamed organizations -- the people running it do not actually believe in the science behind AGW. It's based in the UK which you can tell from the trustee list


Notice that the two scientists largely responsible for the primitive state of QBO and ENSO models -- Lindzen and frequent Curry collaborator Tsonis -- are on the GWPF academic advisory board. Since they don't seem to believe in AGW, I don't trust their understanding of QBO and ENSO; which is one of the reasons that I am working on these models. The idea is to work on research where the understanding is weak.