Jim asks
> What is "deposition"?

In crystal growth, which was my academic specialty, deposition is used in the context of the rate of growth. As in depositing layers of material.

Honestly, I really can't follow much of the jargon of these meteorologists. Either they really have the insight and really know what's going on, or they are blowing smoke and using the jargon to cover up the lack of their own understanding.

The problem with Roundy is that he can't own up to the fact that QBO has a spatial wavenumber of zero, which makes it a global phenomenon. All the points he makes regarding deposition are spatially dependent, which makes them irrelevant to forcing a zero wavenumber. This is just group theory and symmetry arguments I am applying, which he refuses to consider apparently.

That's my take. If I try to understand his deposition arguments, I am certain to go down the rabbit hole and end up following the same route that Lindzen took with QBO -- one of unwarranted complexity.