Couple of more blog posts on nailing down the mechanism for ENSO:



**(1)** This one contextualizes the ENSO behavior in terms of a common forcing governing ENSO, QBO, and the Chandler wobble

Here are a few charts from the post:




What are the odds that the fundamental frequencies of all these behaviors are the same to that precision?


As it turns out NASA JPL were on this lunar-forcing path several years ago, but elected not to fund the proposed research and so the progress stalled.



**(2)** Yesterday's post provides a historical context. Essentially all the geophysics applicable to the model was known by 1920.

Could have done a decent job in predicting ENSO evolution with Pacific Ocean SST data up to 1920




**(3)** Posted on the Azimuth blog.

ENSO means zero in Japanese and also has a Zen interpretation

> “The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void).”