Trump pulled US out of the Paris Accord :(

If we actually had better knowledge of climate behavior and more emphasis on how AGW interacts with Peak Oil, we would likely have a different discourse.
Just by having a real understanding of ENSO, we could compensate out the natural variability in the global temperature signal. The almost monotonic increase in temperature would be much more obvious and we wouldn't have to contend with the uncertainty players such as Curry controlling the political discussion.

This ENSO model is looking more solid. With virtually no free parameters, any automated fit to an ENSO interval does a good job of recreating the unfitted intervals.


The common criticism of these kinds of models is that they overfit and can not be tested with historical data, as any contamination of a model with available data will then taint the model and give a false impression that it actually works. This model is different and works with minimal set of parameters, just the 2 tidal cycles and a seasonal cycle.