And this is a good survey paper on tsunami detection and how it relates to tidal prediction.

S. Consoli, D. R. Recupero, and V. Zavarella, [“A survey on tidal analysis and forecasting methods for Tsunami detection,”]( J. Tsunami Soc. Int.
33 (1), 1–56.

The question is whether we can one use knowledge of tides to deconvolute a tsunami signal from the underlying tidal signal.

This paper cites the one above

Percival, Donald B., et al. ["Detiding DART® buoy data for real-time extraction of source coefficients for operational tsunami forecasting."]( Pure and Applied Geophysics 172.6
(2015): 1653-1678.

This is what the raw buoy signal looks like, with the tsunami at the end:


After removing the tidal signals, the isolated tsunami impulse response (due to the 2011 Japan quake) looks like: