Jan, Perhaps I can try that.

Is the QBO a Berry monopole?

Or is it related to a Weyl point across a Lifshitz transitiion? https://inspirehep.net/record/1441222/plots


Yes, John will be interested in this stuff because it looks like the anti-vortex stuff that he had written about last year


I made a comment at the time:

> "These curl equations are fascinating and are of course endemic in applications from electromagnetics to fluid dynamics. Perhaps there is some overlap with the model of the QBO equatorial winds that we are working on at John’s Azimuth Forum (see sidebar) and at my blog. Have some notes here: http://contextearth.com/2016/09/23/compact-qbo-derviation/#comment-199906 "


A few years ago, I referenced this paper by Marston, which was a call-to-arms to solving climate problems:


And this paper by Vallis is a good inspiration to look at simplifying the physics before doing CFD