Paper from 2016

What's interesting is that a critical review is added:
> Without statistical testing, claims of correlating individual earthquakes and something else (in this case LOD) are worthless. LOD changes are not associated with any torques, and the associated accelerations are tiny (the velocity changes are a few micrometers/sec, and the accelerations are 10**-12g). No explanation of "resonance enlargement" is provided. Also, LOD changes are not associated with changes in torque.

Author's response
> LOD variations are caused by changing Moon’s and Sun’s declinations by which the Earth is deformed. Resulting velocity changes exerts torques which are not tiny but reaches values stated above exceeding in many cases seismic moments.Tidal resonances are very common in ocean tides and there is no reason not to be in solid tides. Their existence is evident from Fig. 5a where consequently increasing LOD maxima end with Moon’s perigee. Effect of resonances is evident on many large earthquakes as Gorkha 2015, HinduKush 2015, Denali Fault 2002 and others

This is the basis of the critical response, where Agnew was the reviewer:
Vidale, John E., et al. "Absence of earthquake correlation with Earth tides: An indication of high preseismic fault stress rate." Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 103.B10 (1998): 24567-24572.