Dan Schmidt - your answer is right! But now I'm not in the mood for talking math until we get the LaTeX fixed.

Joel Sjögren - I will answer your question sometime, but right now I'm just trying to see if LaTeX works here. For some reason Dan's equations didn't work. My own equation, `$$E = mc^2$$`, didn't work _at first_, but now mysteriously it has!

I need to do some testing.

This: `$E = mc^2$`

yields this: $E = mc^2$

This: `\(E= mc^2\)`

yields this: \(E = mc^2\)

This: `$$E = mc^2$$`

yields this: $$E = mc^2$$

This: `\[E = mc^2\]`

yields this: \[E= mc^2\]