Hello! My former student Mike Stay is working with Greg Meredith, whose company [RChain](https://www.rchain.coop/#home) uses category theory in blockchain technology. RChain is starting to fund a lot of research on category theory and computer science.

I have another indirect connection with blockchain technology: my friend Jelle Herold, who loves category theory, Petri nets and sustainability, has started a blockchain-related company called Statebox. They too are interacting with a lot of category theorists, and my student Christian Williams wrote a blog article about them:

* [Statebox: A Universal Language of Distributed Systems](https://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/statebox-a-universal-language-of-distributed-systems/).

So, while I don't know anything about blockchain myself, I know it's a hot area that attracts people who like category theory!