The Azimuth Forum was designed to make it easy to build the [[Azimuth Wiki]]. You can link to a wiki page, as I just did, simply using double brackets like this: `[[Azimuth Wiki]]`. So sure: pages that lots of people want to add information to can be wiki pages.

If you want to create wiki pages, please read [[How to]] first, and each time you create a new wiki page, start a discussion in the category Latest Changes on the forum, with the same title as the new wiki page.

If you want me to do this, just to show how it's done, let me know.

However, [over here]( Frederick Eisele has suggested starting a new discussion for each puzzle, as we've done here. So, there's a bit of a decision to made regarding discussions on the Forum versus wiki pages. Discussions are easier for people to notice; wiki pages are better for storing large amounts of information.

We can just try stuff and see what works best, then formalize things later. Note that you can view the source for any comment on the Forum, which allows you to easily copy chunks of it to the Wiki.