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> Posting this as someone who learns best from concrete examples and geometric representations, on the basis that trying to explain something is a good way to test one's understanding. If it's inappropriate for the forum please just say.

No, this is _GREAT!!!_ This is just what I'm hoping people will do: add their own material to this course. If just 5% of the people here do this, we'll have 10 people explaining things in different ways, and students will get a multi-faceted view of the course material that's far better than anything I could produce on my own.

Like you, I learn best from pictures. If I had more time, every lecture of mine would be packed with pictures, because that's how I think. I just don't have time to draw all those pictures - there are too many in my mind. Fong and Spivak's book has some of the missing pictures, but I'm very happy for people to draw more!