BTW I've been with the Azimuth Project for some time now, and am running the server for the wiki and the forum. I'm not from the first generation of Azimuth, though, which was ending as I joined. This third generation is very exciting!

If people have suggestions about how to improve the structure of information here, that would be welcome.

One thing that could be useful would be a wiki page which gives an organized index into the course -- with links to the lectures, the exercises, and what have you.

Anyone interested in taking this on?

If it gets into shape, I could look into adding a tab on the forum which points to this page.

p.s. Just to let people know, I'm not really a professional admin, and I don't have that much spare time, so we'll have to balance out the desire to improve things with my availability. The more we can fit things into the standard framework, the more likely I will be able to make adjustments. If anyone is so inclined, it could be helpful if some people did research on open source Vanilla and its capabilities (this is our software here).