I'm doing all the exercises (through 1.80 so far) although I haven't talked about them here. They are excellent for ensuring that I understand the material before moving on but I think that they may be too numerous and too simple (in general) to clog up the forums with a single post for each. (I'd be happy to be wrong!)

The discussions are of such a varied level that it can be difficult to jump into them. Often things will go off on an (interesting!) tangent that assumes some additional background knowledge to participate in. So I've been relatively quiet so far, but I am working assiduously through the book and plan to continue to keep up.

I'd love to see more discussions that start with "I don't quite understand topic X yet", which would both give me a reason to jump in more (trying to explain things is a great way of learning them) and demonstrate to everyone that it's okay to struggle with the material a bit.