John, thank you very much for the opportunity to join the course.
In my view, it has been, sofar an incredibly useful investment of my time.
The subject, the book, the quality of instruction and discussion, and your enthusiasm and energy exceeded my expectations, by a lot.

I am moving through the material very slow, compared to others.
However, I do not find myself overwhelmed and forced to move forward, without grasping the material.
The asynchronous nature of the forums, make it a bit more natural to stay behind, I guess :-).

For example, I just finished exercises just up till Chapter 1, exersize 3, and touched on some of your 'just-for-fun' problems (although, clearly, without much success).

It also really helped me read contributions/explanations by other students.

For example, I had difficult time understanding (and coming up with examples) of asymmetry property.
But when somebody mentioned that it removes cycles -- all became clear, and so on.

So this 'mini-crowd-sourced' contribution of examples, clarifications, questions, etc -- to the studying pace is incredibly useful model to learn with, in my view.

If I may,I do have some suggestions/asks that I think would make consuming the material and participating easier.

A ) It would help if there would be a single page/cheat sheet of how to write formulas/charts and embed images into the posting (may be is there, but I just did not find it).)
I tend to click on the gear-button to view other people's source and copy what I can,but that does not seem to work for many things.

B ) It may make your view of students progress more complete, if there is a way for you to poll (say, twice a week) your student audience, on where they are in terms of puzzles, lectures, etc.
This way you get summary numbers and will help you to gauge your audience's progress.
Not sure if Azimuth forum is already enabled with polling feature, or if external sites need to be used.

C) I personally would prefer to see puzzle area separated from the lecture area.
(this way I can skip other student's answers, to form my own tries first..)

D) I do not know, that I clearly understand the distinction between Chapter and Lecture topics. It seems like lectures are 'within chapters'. But that's my own interpretation, not sure if that's correct.

It seems that I read your lecture, prior to me reading the chapter material in the book.
In other words, I use 'online' material first, and then the book.
Not sure if that's what's expected or not, but if you have in mind a particular sequence (or sequences) that you would like your students to follow, perhaps make that expectation explicit -- would help.

E) we do not have 'lab works', so to speak. But I see there a few folks who already have experience or experimenting with thigs like Coq (or Z3, my preference) provers.
Perhaps, allowing to spawn like lab works where students can (if they choose to collaborate) on something in that area, and the present it to the larger group -- would add some additional value.
I realize,that this is outside of the course's pace, but perhaps adding a way for students to have smaller groups of cooperation, would enrich the learning experience further.