Re Pace: I think the pace is fine, especially if it'll work out to approximately 25 days per chapter. My primary issue (with commenting) is that most of my puzzle/exercise solutions are already presented and I have no immediate insights to give. That's not really a problem, it's good to see that I'm on track with everyone else.

Additionally, I'm slightly behind on the lectures (though I've read every one and their comments), because I've restarted the chapter. I read through chapter one fairly quickly with a quick attempt at each exercise (mentally or in the margins of my printout). I've restarted and am doing each exercise thoroughly and properly on paper, along with making notes about definitions and other things.

Re Comments: I will make a more deliberate effort to comment, but an issue there is I spend much of my time "on mobile". And dealing with the formatting of the math on mobile is a pain. So I read the book, check the forum, work some exercises. Make sure I'm on track more often than sitting down at the computer to write comments. I will try to set aside time every other evening to make comments, though. And (as noted above) I usually find the same answers I'd provide in the comments already, or the same insights. Like on the [Just For Fun 1](, Michael Hong had made the same binary tree note that I was going to but with additional information. Other than an, "I saw that too!", I had little to add.

Overall, I'm enjoying this course. Category theory is making more sense to me, though I'm still not at a point where I feel I could apply it. I'm optimistic I'll have more insights and a greater ability to study it and its applications in greater depth as this course progresses.