About #36, I was thinking in representing the relation \\(G \subseteq S \times T\\) as a function \\(\hat{g} :S \to \mathcal{P}(T)\\) and adapt the definition of page 21, so \\(\forall s \in S, t \in T: s G t \iff t \in \hat{g}(s)\\). Then define as there the partition in \\(T\\) in terms of the relation \\(\sim\\) given by \\(\forall t_1, t_2 \in T: t_1 \sim t_2 \iff \exists s_1, s_2 \in S\\) such that \\(s_1 \sim s_2\\) with \\(t_1 \in \hat{g}(s_1)\\) and \\(t_2 \in \hat{g}(s_2)\\), and forming its transitve closure.