Happy Holidays!

I'll drop by occasionally the next days and will try to address the points raised here.

John said:

I have some suggestions for the Azimuth Code Project main page on Google. (I don't seem able to edit it myself.)

I'll get to your suggestions. Google projects know the role of administrator, which only I have at the moment, and only the administrator may change the main page. I'm learning the stuff myself, I never used google projects before.

Edit: I can grant anyone write access with a google account :-)

Shouldn't we have something more user-friendly and fun? How about a list of projects (perhaps so far just the Hopf bifurcation and stochastic resonance), with links to the relevant code? There must be some way you software guys do this.

Sure, I'll see what I can do. But: I haven't done a stake holder analysis yet, so the question "what is user friendly" is a bit blurry to me. Of course, if you would like to download and use code for the Hopf-bifurcation and stochastic resonance from the google project and execute it right away, that would be our first use case :-)