John said:

Graham has written some code in R, making the source available on various Azimuth Project pages. Could this perhaps be better integrated into the Azimuth Code Project? It may conflict with Tim's strategy of using Java - but do we need a different Azimuth Code Project for each software strategy?

On the code project we have a versioning system and a central repository, so, yes, I think it should be transferred there. The code project is simply a file server, we can create any folder structure we like, so we could, for example, create a basis folder for R-skripts etc.
So, we can package everything we create on Azimuth over there.

While there are reasons why I chose Java for the toy models so far, it is not my overall strategy to only use Java, far from it. What I do want to encourage is the use of modern programming languages with established features like

- automatic memory handling,
- platform independence via a virtual machine,
- object orientation


I'd like to encourage the use of technologies that are a plus on your CV when you look for a job in software development. Knowing how to program with an object oriented programming language is a plus, if it is Java, C#, Python ... is of secondary concern.