While writing my post I was trying to think of sayings that express these philosophies of life:

> The two adjoints represent two opposing philosophies of life: _make sure you never ask for too little_ and _make sure you never ask for too much_.

For the second philosophy, the left adjoint philosophy, I can think of

_Err on the side of caution._


_Better safe than sorry._

For the right adjoint philosophy all I can think of is

_It is easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission._

That's not perfect. I'm not looking for a saying that advocates going hog-wild and massively violating the rules; I want one that says if you're going to make a little mistake, it's better to get slightly more than you should, rather than slightly less.

A left adjoint person would fill a cup as far as they can without it overflowing, while a right adjoint person would stop as soon as it overflows a bit.