I think it’s {70 °F}. That’s what I have my thermostat to. I know that when my cat is in the room then, ceteris paribus, that’s the temperature.

On the other hand \\(f_\ast(\\{\text{my liquid helium container has been breached}\\})\\) = {−452.2 °F}.

But I argue:

f_\ast(\\{\text{there’s a living cat in my room, my liquid helium container has been breached}\\}) = \varnothing

This is because these are distinct states. My cat has a lot more sense l than his owner and knows better than to stick around after he has knocked over the liquid helium. So there is no *one* temperature that maps to all of these states.

I think other people will have different answers. Some people have their thermostats set to 72 °F, for instance, while others keep their homes and liquid helium under more pressure.