Dennis - great answer to Puzzle 23! Yes, it's that quick if one does it right!

I edited your comment a bit, but not changing the substance. It sounds like you're running into a few peculiarities of how LaTeX works here:

1) You often need to hit "refresh" on your browser to see the LaTeX symbols to turn into math symbols. This only affects what _you_ see; you don't need to do this to get others to see it..

2) You can only delete a comment of your own after a little while. (See if you can delete it now.)

and from the [welcome page](

3) To create "displayed" equations, centered on the page, use double dollar signs: `$$E = \sqrt{m^2 + p^2}$$` produces this: $$E = \sqrt{m^2 + p^2}$$

4) To create "inline" equations, mixed in with your text, use this other method: `\\(E = \sqrt{m^2 + p^2}\\)` produces this: \\(E = \sqrt{m^2 + p^2}\\).