I wouldn't want people to vote on comments. I've gotten people signing up for the course saying they're glad to find an environment where they can learn stuff without the fear of looking stupid. I think voting on comments makes people focus on what other people think of them.

Some of other proposed improvements to the software sound good. Unfortunately I don't have time to look into them: I'm completely busy explaining math and correcting my own mistakes!

So, I think those improvements will come about iff some of you start talking to David Tanzer on the [Technical](https://forum.azimuthproject.org/categories/Technical) thread, and impress him and me as being sufficiently reasonable, responsible, and technically competent to be given responsibility for improving the forum software. Such a person would need to seek consensus for changes before making them.

The kind of feedback that's easier for me to take advantage of concerns the subject matter and how the course is taught: the balance between math and applications, the pace of the course, how to bring more people into making comments, etc.