@AndrewArdill #24.

WRT exercise numbering. There is a scheme that is being used.

- (1) There are book exercises.
- (2) There are puzzles authored by John.
- (3) There are puzzle's authored by students.
- (4) There are 'fun problems'.

Items in ( 1 ), get their own discussion thread. These threads are named by Chapter Number, and then Exercise number.

Item (2) are created and discussed within the Lecture thread they belong to. Puzzles are exercises that are not part of the book. They are initiated by John within his lecture notes, or by students within the same lecture topic. John's puzzles just numbered by a number, while puzzle's authored by student's noted by student's initials.

Item (3) discussed within lecture threads (just like ( 2 )).

Item (4) get their own thread.

There are probably some, unintended deviations, especially when we just started the course. But is seems like the above scheme is maintained.

When folks make mistakes/misses in their exersize answers, they either change them or add to the answer by noting what was wrong -- so that others do not run into same mistakes...

BTW, on a separate topic, I am glad that we *do not* have comment voting/rating.