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1. \\(f(x)=x\\) is _order-preserving_, whereas \\(f(x)=|x|\\) is not.
2. \\(f(x)=x\\) is _metric-preserving_, whereas \\(f(x)=2x\\) is not.
3. \\(f(x)=2x\\) is _addition-preserving_, whereas \\(f(x)=x^2\\) is not.

intuitively, I'm thinking of _order-preserving_ functions as ones which don't fold the _domain_ into the _codomain_, in a sense. _metric_ and _addition-preserving_ functions I think of as ones which don't stretch the _domain_ into the _codomain_. I'm sure there are other examples, and I'm not sure the intuition holds up exactly, but those are the ones that come intuitively to mind for me.