The project has its own Wiki, which I would like to use mainly for the documentation of the software and its architecture. There is another idea, though, namely to have a page with coding challenges and one with solved coding challenges. I added a draft for this already and linked to those pages from the main page of the project. The idea is this: someone says he/she would like to have a model, a simulation or some data analysis done, and this requirement is posted as a coding challenge. Any interested developer can try to solve this in any way, using Matlab or whatever tool. Requester and developer can debate about the needed results (like reproduce some graphics found in a paper or a book, run some alternative parameterizations of a known model, whatever).

The results may be published on the Azimuth project, or on the Azimuth blog, or find their way into a research paper, the needed tools are checked into the Azimuth code project.

Maybe this idea could make it a little bit easier and appealing for others to use Azimuth for their own needs and research.