No problem at all! I'm kind of slow without pictures so I'm always drawing pictures. That's how I learn LOL. I know I understood something if I can draw a good picture that captures all of its essence.

So if you ever think some concept is important and think a picture would give a good explanation, feel free to ask. I am already probably drawing it for myself and if not I'd be happy to draw it especially if it helps others understand it better. :)

The links you sent me are super interesting and right up my alley of study. Cannot wait to learn some Category Theory to make the connections! I was a chemical engineering major during my undergrad years so have some background on the reaction networks but have so much to learn and fine tune!

BTW this line from ATP Coupling, "The role of ATP in coupling is not that it provides an increase in the equilibrium constants of thermodynamically unfavorable reactions but that the unfavorable reactions are replaced by other reactions which kinetically are more favorable and give rise to the same products. " makes me smile.

Thank you again for giving us this opportunity to learn category theory. Cheers.