Graham wrote:

>The R scripts I have written for a couple of wiki pages do not come under this description...

By the way, if it doesn't violate some principles underlying the Azimuth Code Project (which I leave to you experts to decide), I would like Graham's code to become part of that project, because I'll be using his figures in "week309", and it would be nice to make that into another advertisement for the Azimuth Code Project.

If this seems like a good idea, I hope you guys do it soon. It's taking me a long time to start writing "week309", but someday it will happen — and then suddenly I'll be very impatient to see a link to Graham's code somewhere on the Azimuth Code Project. (When I finish an issue of This Week's Finds, I hate waiting to publicize it.)

On a different note: I received this email today from a Mexican computer science grad student who once worked with me on the semantics of computation:

>Hi Professor,

>hope you remember me. I was just reading your last "This weeks finds" entry on your site and noticed the section on the azimuth code project. If would love to jump in and help out. Let me know if there is anything in particular that you guys need help with.

>--Miguel Ziranhua

I will tell him to join the Azimuth Forum and talk to you folks...