> Sorry, I don't think it gets any easier that it is with subversion. Some computer literacy is required. Of course anyone can email changes to the authors who then commit it to the repository. But if anyone is interested in and capable to work with R should also be able to get a subversion client running.

Maybe we're at cross purposes here. I am not suggesting there is some better technology then subversion for the code project. I am questioning whether it is a good idea to put scripts whose only purpose is to make pictures for a wiki page into the code project at all. My concern is that it will put off people from correcting or improving the wiki page. I think there are quite a lot of people who can write simple R, (or perl, python...) scripts but who would find getting a subversion client running sufficiently tiresome that they would go away leaving the wiki page unimproved. In another thread, John asked if one of the graphics in the [[stochastic resonance]] page could be improved. That is the kind of change I am thinking of.