The problem is though, is that most people will try to get away with 'ignoring the complicated bits' for as long as possible, especially if for instance, the thing in question happens to be an economic liability that everyone wants to play hot-potato with.

Taking to the extreme, since under our current economic system labor costs are produced *after the fact* an employee has done labor, such an assertion that under production, '*you can throw anything you want away, and it disappears from view.*' amounts to, an employer can '*throw away*' their liabilities towards their employees and hold on to the money that was otherwise going to be paychecks.

A much much better assertion would be, when thinking about production,

'*you can **ignore** anything you want away, and it **temporarily** disappears from view.*'

To say otherwise would destroy linearity in economics.

(As an aside: if commodities can't technically be duplicated or destroyed, only converted into other commodities, these conditions imply that economics also follows a no-cloning and no-deleting theorems, much like quantum mechanics. Indeed, the quantum no-cloning and quantum no-deleting theorems are required to uphold the linearity of QM).