Rif #19: Thanks, that's great! Responses to 4 of the issuesin your list ("x->y" means the exercise w/ old number x and new number y):

- 72->77: Either I was hallucinating or whatever it was got fixed:-)

- 82->87: Looks like "one stop shopping" has been enabled by including relevant context. (It would help to more clearly label Eqn 1.6, and to clearly distinguish context, exercise, & solution)

- 90->95: The (partial) example was I think included in order to define \\( f_! (A) \\) and \\( f_* (A) \\). It would help to label it as context, and to indicate that it's partial.

- 97->102: Looks like the Exercise has been updated in light of the Comments, though I didn't check details. Also some nuances in the original Exercise wording are gone.